On the Road with Ken Pettigrew

I am trying something totally new and out of the box.

I’ve written a guest post for a friend of mine Ken Pettigrew.  I started blogging a little over a year ago. As it turns out one of the unexpected blessings of blogging is I got introduced to some awesome people like Ken, whom I would have never otherwise known.

The post is entitled Listening to the Still Small Voice: On Discernment and the Church

Yes, it’s another post about my church experience. Every time I write about my history in the church, there is a brief (and sometimes not so brief) moment where I have second thoughts about it. I ask myself whether this post will be helpful? Will it elevate the conversation? Is this something best left unsaid?

Although, there was some reluctance to share these stories, I think its important to share them. Collectively there is something to be gained when we share painful experiences from our past.  We need to remember our own story and where we came from. Every inclination pushes us to simply forget the painful episodes of our past, but we need to share our stories, so we might learn from them.

Hopefully these stories, and others like them, will give people the courage to move from away from religion and seek out Jesus.

While you’re at Ken’s Blog reading the post, I want to encourage you to look around and enjoy his other offerings.

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