Recovering From Church

When I started writing Momentary Delight in April 2011, I wanted this blog to be an authentic place where I could share openly about my life. At the beginning, one of the things I struggled with was my relationship to the church. It’s fair to say that this relationship has travelled rocky ground and at times it felt like a kind of journey through the wilderness. Could I even write about church after everything my family experienced?  I wasn’t sure whether it was possible, and so at the beginning this blog was almost a secret project. Unsure about my motives, the quality of my writing and my ability to express difficult things, I kept my blog hidden.

Over time, I began to see Momentary Delight as part of my healing and restoration process. Since leaving my old church and coming to the place where we currently worship as a family, one of the things I’ve desired most is for God to redeem my past. I wanted my struggles and times at my old church to mean something. I wanted God to use my family’s experience to help others find hope and healing.

Now that over a year has passed since I started Momentary Delight, I wanted to share all of my posts on the topic of church with you in one place. This is my story. I invite you to read these posts and walk along with me. Although, your life and journey may be very different from me, my hope and prayer is that these posts will be some help and value to you. I’ve placed all of these posts on church on a separate page on Momentary Delight and organized these posts by topic. I’ve also provided you a list of the books which helped me during a difficult season of my life.

God Bless You and if you’ve had a difficult church experience, may you find peace and become reacquainted with the God who loves you.

If you have any comments or thoughts on this topic please feel free to participate in our conversation. I understand writing comments or questions is not for everyone, so if inclined please feel free to email me at

To go to my page on Recovering From Church go here

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